Short and sweet – MIUI on the Samsung Galaxy S i9000T / i9000M / SGH-I897

April 27, 2011 Chilling_Silence How-To's / Guides / Tech info

So it turns out it’s not terribly difficult to get MIUI running on the Samsung Galaxy S i9000T (Or the i9000M – Whatevers on WCDMA 850Mhz which is Telecom XT or AT&T in the US)

OK well it kind of is. It’s more a multi-step process rather than difficult.

First you need to have your phone rooted.
Z4root may or may not work for you, but I’m going to presume you’ve gone and rooted it.
NOTE: If Z4root doesn’t work, try flashing something like Darkys which is pre-rooted, using Odin.

Once you’ve done that, you can install Clockworkmod for your recovery (This is why you need root access).
Do this by downloading ROM Manager, it’s a free download from the Market.

Once you’ve got CWM for your recovery, reboot into CWM by powering off your phone, then holding Vol-up + Home + Power.
Once in CWM (It’s Orange, not Blue), flash the Deodexed MIUI from, and then the English Pack. After you’ve gone and flashed it, you need to tell it you’re doing a full factory reset (Still from within CWM).
Don’t worry, it doesn’t wipe your “sdcard” (Internal storage) contents, only whats in /mnt/sdcard/.androidsecure

After that, restart and boot MIUI.

If you have the i900T (AT&T bands) then you’ll find radio doesn’t work. You’ll also find that everything is in Asian writing.

To fix the language, Press Menu –> Settings (Picture of the cog) –> System (The 3rd tab along the top, 2nd from the right), then it’s the middle item in the second lot of options (With the Keyboard picture). Then when you’re in “Language & Input Settings” (Not that you can read that coz it’s not in english), press the 2nd one from the top and change your language to English.

(For the i9000T only)
Now, shutdown (Because you need to reboot anyway so that everything fully changes to English), go back into CWM and flash: or mirror (i9000UGJK4)

Restart and everything will be good as gold, with the one exception of the “Tools” folder on your home screen. You need to manually open the folder, and rename that.

Long n short of it:
1) Get root (Or flash a ROM that has pre-rooted through Odin)
2) Install ROM Manager
3) Use ROM Manager to install CWM
4) Use CWM to flash MIUI!
5) For i9000T (AT&T version) reboot and flash Captivate Radio


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