Clarifying the Nexus S & Galaxy S in NZ

April 20, 2011 Chilling_Silence How-To's / Guides / Tech info

Turns out there’s quite a bit of confusion around these two phones.

So, I’ll sum it up nicely for everybody:

The Samsung Galaxy S is known as the “i9000”. The standard model operates on HSDPA / GSM frequencies 900Mhz & 2100Mhz, which we over here know as Vodafone.

The “i9000M” is the same as Telecom XT’s “i9000T”, both were designed for UMTS 850Mhz / 1900Mhz. This is the frequency that Telecoms XT operates on, as well as AT&T in the US. Rogers in Canada also operates on this frequency

The Samsung Nexus S is also known as the “i9020”, or the “i9020T”. The T stands for T-Mobile, and this is the standard model that operates on the Vodafone frequencies.

The Nexus S for XT is known as “i9020A”, for AT&T, and it operates on NZ’s XT frequencies.

It’s worth noting that when purchasing a phone that’s been imported, that you double-check very carefully the frequencies and the network type. Not all countries run UMTS on the 850 / 1900Mhz frequencies like XT do, some run it on the frequencies that Vodafone use here, so double-check and triple-check before buying.

It’s worth noting that the XT Network here in NZ is the same as AT&T, Bell Mobility, Rogers, and more. See here:

That is all.

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