Protip – Setting up Google Wallet for use outside of USA

January 31, 2013 Chilling_Silence How-To's / Guides / Tech info

So there’s a lot of things that can be ordered from Google, but many of them require two things: 1) An American IP Address (To make it seem as though you’re accessing Google from within America) 2) An American credit card However, thankfully you don’t actually need an American credit card and we can make use […]


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Getting started with your Nexus 4 – Part 5 – Google Music

January 30, 2013 Chilling_Silence How-To's / Guides / Tech info

Today we’re going to take a look at Google Music! Google Music is usually only available in a few select countries like the USA but it’s not difficult to enable it here in New Zealand. From there, you can upload all your music for free to Google and access it anywhere in the world from your […]


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Linking systems via OpenVPN (No port-forwards needed on client-side)

March 17, 2010 Chilling_Silence Elastix.org Blog

Yes, this is the ultimate in remote access for your PBX systems! It’s also quite possibly the longest blog post ever! Imagine a client of yours happens to move their PBX, perhaps they are shifting premises (Without notifying you — Their prerogative I suppose). Now, with the change of ISP’s they’ve changed router and network […]


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